Action Team FAQ

You should have received an email welcoming you to the SNAP Action Team. Expect to receive an email at least once a week with SNAP Act in the subject line. Also, as a member you have access to exclusive web content. SNAP Acts will be posted on our website in the SNAP Action Team section and visible to members only. 

For many of our Acts, we ask Team members to leave comments on online news articles. Unfortunately, some news sources require individuals to log in with either a Facebook account or an account on the news source's website in order to leave a comment. We understand that Team members might not be on Facebook or may not wish to create accounts on different websites. We suggest coming up with one login email/username and password that you use for every news site you might go to, that way you can just keep track of one username and password for commenting on news articles. Thanks for overcoming this obstacle!

On the SNAP Act Archive page, of course! *Note, this content is viewable by members only.

In order to stay on the SNAP Action Team and continue receiving emails, you must complete actions! Members who are not on track with five completed actions at the six month mark may be removed from the team. If you feel you were removed in error contact us at [email protected].

When you report your action on the SNAP Act page, there will be a box to share the details of your action. Share your letter, your comment, or reflections on your action here so that others can see what you’ve accomplished for the Team! If you want to scan a handwritten letter, submit pictures, or send us anything else as an attachment, you can submit them by email to us at [email protected]. We encourage you to share your completed acts with the rest of the world by promoting them with your personal social media tools too!

We understand there are endless reasons why you may not be ready to publicly contribute to the SNAP Action Team, however, this initiative is designed for a community of activists who are ready to Act openly for justice as a part of our movement. Often we make open calls for action in the media statements we release, and many of those can be completed anonymously. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to ensure you never miss an opportunity!

We are sorry to see you go! Email [email protected] to be removed from the team. If you have time, we’d love to hear why you decided to leave too.

Yes! SNAP Action Team Members are encouraged to submit suggestions for SNAP Acts! Please understand we may not always be able to accommodate all requests, but we will do our best. After all, where would we be without our network? Please submit suggestions via our Suggest A SNAP Act form. Be sure to take a close look at past Acts and include all relevant details necessary to carry out the Act. And, if your idea is time sensitive, be sure to include the timeline. Thanks!

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