Abused in MN or HI?

Lawmakers in Hawaii and Minnesota recently temporarily suspended the civil statute of limitations on child sex crimes. If you were abused in either of those states, or know someone who may have been, this is a real and rare opportunity to seek justice, protect kids, warn parents, end current cover ups, deter future cover ups and expose those who have or are committing or concealing child sex crimes.

These "windows of opportunity" don't last long. We strongly urge you to

1) forward this to anyone you may know who has spent any time in these states, and

2) contact a civil attorney right away if you were sexually violated in Minnesota or Hawaii.

Please don't worry about whether or not you have evidence or proof. Please don't worry if you've already gotten a settlement from church or school or scout officials. Please consult with an attorney about whether you have a chance to do more, and if so, when your "deadline" is.

After you've determined these two facts, then we urge you to consult with a therapist about whether or not litigation might be helpful for you.

Thanks very much.

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