Abuse victims blast Syracuse DA & Fine's defense lawyers

Child sex abuse victims are, by definition, children. So they can sometimes get details wrong, especially about time and place. It’s premature and hurtful for anyone to assume that Bernie Fine's defense lawyers are right when they claim to have found exculpatory evidence. 

It’s an extraordinary stretch to claim that a supposed discrepancy on a date somehow means that a child sex abuse victim has allegedly ‘fabricated’ his or her charges.

And it's clear that since the first two Fine victims have no legal recourse, Fine's lawyers are mounting a full-fledged attack on Fine's third victim.

We’re disappointed with the remarks by Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick about Syracuse’s chancellor and head coach. Years ago, some people jumped to assume that Bernie Fine was completely innocent. We want to avoid that same mistake with Coach Boeheim and Chancellor Cantor. Like everyone else, Fitzpatrick should withhold judgment on these two individuals until more of the facts are in. And like our group, Fitzpatrick – as a law enforcement professional – should be blasting Boeheim for his repeatedly hurtful and intimidating public comments that make it tougher for child sex abuse victims to speak up.

Read the story here: http://www.courant.com/sports/college/hc-syracuse-bernie-fine-1207-20111207,0,6509829.story

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