A resource for survivors, supporters, and advocates

The website StandupSpeakup.org has a number of helpful resources for survivors. It has been recently updated.
~How to research an abuser
~What to say to a victim
~Why does it take decades to report
~Major review of Church Bankruptcy and Compensation Plans, Pros and Cons
~Why is the Church releasing names of 'credible' predators?  Answer: they were compelled to do so by survivors!
~The Survivors Movement Emerges, advocacy for the Movement to act like a Movement
~Barbara Blaine's Survivors' Wisdom
~List and links to 160 survivor organizations as part of the Survivors Movement
~Several articles on the economic harm inflicted on victims
~Richard Sipe on 'Unspeakable Harm'
~FBI and State AG references for reporting
~Comprehensive lists of fact sheets
~Hotlines and Help
I also have a page of My Story, with resources and links. I also have a Blog page that does not have any recent postings as it has taken a back seat to my book writing. 
The website has two major goals, providing resources to survivors to help them on their path of healing. The second major goal is the promotion of the Survivors Movement, as a Movement, to build its connection and collaboration between and among survivor groups. Presently we see two major continents of collaboration, the Keep Kids Safe coalition which SNAP is part of, and the coalition circling around the Me Too Movement organizations. In addition, there are hundreds of organizations operating independently. 
Tim Lennon

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