It’s almost official: Paterno WILL be honored at Penn State

Last month, a Penn State official pledged that "Penn State will honor not only Joe Paterno's legacy but the Paterno family's legacy."

Wow! I kinda thought universities were about promoting open minds?

But Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour seems to have shut hers. No matter what comes out of the upcoming trials of former top school officials, she’s convinced current university honchos will “honor” Paterno when “some of the legal issues have been sorted through.”

Who knows what may surface in the months ahead that might further portray Joe “I wish I had done more” Paterno in a worse light.

We can’t say it often enough: Honoring Paterno won’t help him. He’s dead.

Honoring Paterno WILL hurt victims of Jerry Sandusky and other predators.

And honoring Paterno WILL make it easier for those who commit and conceal child sex crimes.

How? Read this:

Or this:


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