"Gratification of lust?"

A Baptist minister, John Langworthy, faces charges in Mississippi of "gratification of lust." He is accused of molesting at least five kids. 

But check this out: "Langworthy openly discussed the sex offenses with the congregation of his Clinton church, but now wants to fight the case."

He essentially admits the crimes, but fights being held responsible for them. 

We're grateful Langworthy is being pursued. But we also hope that at some point, Mississippi lawmakers will reform the state's predator-friendly statute of limitations. And they should consider how they depict child sexual abuse.

It may seem like a small point - whether a predator is charged with "gratification of lust" or "child sex crimes" or whatever. But how we think and talk about these heinous crimes matters.

They're about power, not lust.

(By the way, this child molester was first "outed" by Houston SNAP leader Amy Smith, one of the most persistent and caring people I've ever met. And working with our determined Mississippi SNAP leader Mark Belenchia, she has helped bring forward other victims of Langworthy. Congrats and thanks to both of them!)


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