45 states looking to pursue Catholic church for documents on abuse by priests, Pennsylvania attorney general says

By Kevin Johnson, USA Today

WASHINGTON – Law enforcement officials from up to 45 states have sought assistance from Pennsylvania authorities in pursuit of alleged misconduct by Catholic priests and related efforts to conceal that abuse by the church, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said.

Shapiro, in an interview with USA TODAY, said the surge of outside inquiries has come just in the past four months since a landmark state grand jury investigation found that more than 300 "predator" priests had abused at least 1,000 victims across six decades.

Since August, the attorney general said, Pennsylvania authorities have joined forces with their counterparts across the country, helping them craft search warrant applications and grand jury subpoenas.

Fourteen state attorneys general so far have publicly acknowledged that they have launched separate clergy abuse inquiries, while the U.S. Justice Department is in the midst of a broader review disclosed in October by church officials who had received demands for documents.

At the same time, Shapiro said, 1,450 calls have poured into a Pennsylvania hotlin...

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  • Richard Kensinger, MSW
    commented 2018-12-19 13:29:20 -0600
    In my clinical experience this kind of trauma involving “a man of the cloth” (the Catholic Church") is even more devastating to youth victims. I have 3 articles published on Brain Blogger in this regard. Just search Richard G Kensinger, MSW and BB should appear first. And when the trauma is unresolved, it passes down to the next generation, unfortunately. We call this process, “intergenerational transmission”.

    In essence this trauma is so severe that some victims commit suicide. For others it is a 4th stage of the deconstruction of a self = mortification or what I refer to as psychosocial death.

    Please find my articles on BB and if you have additional ?’s, please let me know.
    I wish you well,
    Rich, MSW
  • Laura Riehle
    commented 2018-12-18 17:32:42 -0600
    Where can I go to keep my hope alive? My deceased brother, in the words of my mom (also deceased) “used to ride his bike up to church, on his own time” . At that church was an abusive priest, my brother was an altar boy. Do I know anything happened? No. But I do know that the Archdiocese of Seattle is so protective of information that it would take a miracle to get my questions addressed…questions about Fr. Jerome Dooley..and the nature of his abuse of the young. My brother never thrived…left the church…His children are so very troubled. I so wonder if his troubles stemmed back to this time in his life.
  • Richard Kensinger, MSW
    commented 2018-12-18 13:59:17 -0600
    Here in the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese PA, 46 of the 50 predators are clergy. The cover-up is massive. Hundreds of youth were sexually assaulted, some repeatedly. Only one clergy member was convicted and imprisoned for about 2 years. Around the world it is rare to obtain a conviction. Of the few incarcerated the prison sentence is about 2 years? The AJD is now under federal investigation. This Diocese established a victim’s fund in 1999, to essentially buy the silence of survivors. This fund has spent over $21 M over 2 decades.

    Two of the more recent accused clergy killed themselves to avoid prosecution.
    I continue my clinical advocacy for those in this diocese.
    Rich, MSW

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