2015 Conference Speaker- Professor Lukasz M. Konopka

Prof._Lukasz_M._Konoplka_Headshot.jpgProf. Lukasz M. Konopka is the executive director of Chicago Brain Institute, a scientist, clinician, and a member of national and international scientific organizations that focus on the biological basis of behavior. In addition, he is very interested in linking science and art. A portion of his clinical and scientific work focuses on early childhood trauma and abuse and their effects on brain function, emotion, cognition, and behavior. He uses a bio-psycho-social-spiritual model in his research and practice.

The Brain, Stress and Trauma—Healing Arts

Facilitated by Christopher Kerns

The hour long presentation will introduce the audience to brain science and demonstrate how the brain is injured by traumatic events, how the brain is effected over the long term by untreated traumatic stress. (Lead Presenter Dr. Konopka, 20 mins) Various healing therapies will be described and linked to their positive effect on the brain. This section will focus on both neuroscience and art therapy. (Lead presenter Prof King, 15 mins.) Finally, a discussion about the need for a detailed scientific survey to help explain the causes of delay in reporting and treatment of victims of Child Sex Abuse by Clergy. (Lead Presenter Petr Bob, Charles University, 15 mins.)

There will be two breakout sessions about art therapy being led by Aisling Kerns and Daniel Lanctot.


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