2015 Breakout Sessions

2015 SNAP Annual Conference Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session One

Saturday 8/1 10:45-11:45am


Family Support - Mary Ellen Kruger and Judy Lorenz (Curie Room)

Sexual abuse of one family member invariably affects all members of the family. In this session, you can share your stories and feelings about how the abuse of a loved one has affected you, your family, or those around you. This session will tackle the question of “how can we heal from secondary abuse?” and “how do we help a loved one heal?” and will rely on the experiences of those in the group to help provide answers.

Abuse of Vulnerable Adults-Cameron Altaras (Edison C) 

Those abused as adults endure the same kind of horrific consequences as children, but are often overlooked or marginalized. This workshop focuses on the needs of this special group. It will include discussions focusing on the unique point of view of the adult survivor, and will provide opportunities to ask questions and receive support.

Legal Issues-Jeff Anderson (Wright Room)

Many survivors struggle with the decision of whether suing the church is helpful or harmful. This workshop will explore the pros and cons of the issue. The legal system is often frightening and confusing for survivors, and this is a chance to ask questions. We will discuss how to assess the facts to determine if filing is appropriate. We will also discuss alternatives if you are not able to file.

Art Therapy: Connecting Mind and Body-Aisling Kerns (Bannerker Room)

An individual art therapy experience; we will focus on the awareness of the mind and the body. We will take time to consider and discuss the connection between the mind and the body. We make art to represent these connections.

Child Sexual Abuse and Our Communities-Pamela Pine, PhD, MPH (Main Room Edison DEFG)

Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse, Inc. (Stop the Silence) has been working to prevent and mitigate child sexual abuse (CSA) since 2000. In 2008, we launched an Art as Advocacy program using theater, film and other art to increase awareness, understanding and action. This program has branched into formal university programs and clubs. This presentation will focus on increasing awareness, education and action on CSA including: what CSA is and does to children, adults and society; signs of grooming; prevention and mitigation activities regarding CSA as well as related sexual violence on campuses and in the community.

Blogging and Social Media-Joelle Casteix (Edison A)

Social media and blogging platforms are wonderful ways to spread the word about victims’ rights, SNAP news, and other issues surrounding child sexual abuse. But how do you get set up? How do you start the conversation? And once the conversation begins, how do you keep things healthy and civil? Joelle Casteix will lead attendees through a “crash course” on blogging and social media basics. They will leave with tools that can help create healthy conversations that can help change opinion in the most important court of all: the court of public opinion.

Sex Trafficking: An Emerging Threat in the United States-William Woolf (Edison B)

This session will focus on shedding light on the reality that adults and children are being exploited through methods of force, fraud and coercion in the commercial sex industry. Attendees will be presented with an overview of the issue and the effective approach of Education, Prevention, and Intervention as a tool to combat sex trafficking.


Breakout Session Two

Saturday 8/1 4:30-5:30pm


Group Art Experience-Daniel Lanctot (Bannerker Room)

Responding to the SNAP Conference through a group art experience. This workshop will involve participants working as a group in an art therapy session. Participants will create art relating to their experiences at the SNAP Conference. The final product created will be shared with all participants at the conference. No special talent or prior experience are necessary. Everyone is welcome.

How to Lobby Your Elected Officials and Why It Is Important-Anne Clark (Bell Room) 

Advocate, Anne Clark, will focus on giving you the tools to successfully lobby your senators and representatives. Learn techniques that professionals use to communicate your message. Learn to develop your elevator speech. If you feel a need to help protect children and prevent child sexual abuse, come join us and learn how you can make a difference. You will have the opportunity to send a letter with a personal note to your senators asking them to support statute of limitations reform.

Grand Jury Investigations of Pedophiles-Joseph McGettigan  (Edison A)

This breakout session will be a forum for a discussion of the use of the grand jury for investigating pedophiles, with a context of the grand jury work done in Sandusky and in the investigation of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Men Support Group-Dave O’Regan (Edison C)

This session focuses on the special needs of male survivors and includes a confidential, participatory support group meeting for men. This is a chance to meet with other survivors in a safe setting and learn from others’ experiences. Men are often forced to keep sexual attacks a secret for fear of being labeled weak. This session will help explore ways for men to dispel this myth. While every participant will have the opportunity to speak, no one will be required to do so.

Women Support Group-Dottie Klammer  (Curie Room)

Meet with others who have “walked a mile in your shoes” and get some of the affirmation you deserve! Focusing on the unique needs of female survivors this session explores ways to educate about and cope with rape and sexual violence, reduce guilt and shame even if society “blames” the victim and discuss whether to report these crimes, especially years later. The session will include a self-help support meeting where everyone will be able to share, but no one is required to do so. For those who do not speak please know that listening is recognized and appreciated as a gift.

Real Accountability In the Age of Francis-Terry McKiernanAnne Barrett Doyle, and staff (Main Room Edison DEFG)

Join the people at BishopAccountability.org for a freewheeling discussion about holding church leaders accountable during a time of papal visits, commissions, and synods. What does the pope mean by accountability? What does true accountability look like? We will give a brief, efficient presentation and then open the floor.



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