2015 At a Glance Conference Schedule

at-a-glance schedule of speakers and events for 2015 SNAP Annual Conference


4:30-7:30pm Registration

7:00-7:20  David Clohessy

7:20-7:50  Ross Cheit

7:50-8:10  Miguel Hurtado

8:10-8:30  Julieta Añazco

8:30-8:50  Alberto Athie  

8:50-8:55  Manuel Munro

8:55-9:25  Tom Doyle

9:25-9:30  Announcements

9:30-10:30pm  Ice Cream Social 


7:00am  Morning Walk

7:45 Freethinkers and Agnostics Friends of Bill W

9:00-10:00  Chris Kerns, Juliet King, Lukasz Konopka, Petr Bob and Peter Isely

10:00-10:30  Joye E. Frost 

10:30-10:45— Break

10:45-11:45— Breakout Session One

11:45-1:15pm— Lunch

1:15-1:35  Juan Carlos Cruz

1:35-2:05  Madeleine Baran

2:05-2:35  Tom Fox

2:35-2:55  Barbara Blaine

2:55-3:15  Jeff Anderson

3:15-3:45  Joseph McGettigan

3:45-4:15  Anne Barrett Doyle and Terry McKiernan

4:15-4:30  Break

4:30-5:30  Breakout Session Two

5:30-8:00 Dinner

6:00  Friends of Bill W

8:00pm  Movie


7:00am   Morning Walk

9:00-9:20  Pete Saunders 

9:20-10:00  Ruth Krall, Cameron Altaras, Melanie Sakoda and Amy Smith

10:00-10:30  David Grosso  

10:30-10:50  SNAP “I Made a Difference” Awards Presented to: Theresa Fidelis LancasterJean Wehner and Debbie Yohn

10:50-11:45  SNAP “Pioneer” Awards Presented to: Phil Saviano and Walter Robinson for The Boston Globe Spotlight Team

11:45–12:00pm  Conference Evaluation

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