Why Francis won’t back down on Barros

Why Francis won’t back down on Barros

Why won’t Pope Francis back down on an obviously and severely hurtful move: giving Bishop Juan Barros Madrid his own diocese.   

The wise whistleblower of the Twin Cities, Jennifer Haselberger, puts her finger on precisely why. In essence, she says that if every cleric who ignored, concealed and enabled clergy sex crimes were deemed ineligible for promotion, there would be as many rudderless chancery offices as there are shuttered churches. (I suspect that, in fact, there would be more. . .)

Jennifer’s post on this is well worth reading: http://canonicalconsultation.com/blog.html  


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    Since the clergy sex abuse crisis erupted publicly in 2002, Lent and Easter have taken on a new role. The pain and suffering of clergy abuse victims and their families is so disgraceful — there are no words to describe the evil. As for Pope Francis, Catholic Bishops and their high-priced and IMO corrupt attorneys, it is not all that difficult to own up to the crimes that have destroyed the souls of children, adults and families. It has been almost 14 years since courageous victims started sharing their stories and the public started to pay attention, BUT as we continue to witness, religious/government leaders are still trying to deny accountability, i.e., Bishop Robert Finn, Cardinal Roger Mahoney, Cardinal Bernard Law, Bishop Todd Brown, etc.

    As to U.S. federal government officials, SHAME ON YOU! You have allowed employees of religious institutions to repeatedly destroy children for decades, while you support claims of religious persecution each time birth control and/or same sex marriage are mentioned…. all with tax exempt status.

    It is my sincere hope that Pope Francis and U.S. federal government officials find the courage and strength to put an end to the denials and mind games continuing not only in the United States but throughout the world. No one is sin free; however, there comes a time when enough is enough — as long as Catholic leaders continue their self-serving public relations strategy, no child, adult or employee will be safe from the evil wrath of the Catholic Church.
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