Vatican seeks to defuse scandal, says pope meets victims

By NICOLE WINFIELD, APNews, February 15, 2018

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican said Thursday that Pope Francis meets frequently with victims of sexual abuse, seeking to defuse a mounting scandal over his unbridled support for a Chilean bishop accused by victims of witnessing and ignoring their abuse.

Spokesman Greg Burke said Francis meets in private with victims individually or in groups several times a month to “listen to them and try to help them to heal their serious wounds.”

Yet at least one Chilean abuse victim, Juan Carlos Cruz, wondered if Francis had really heard what they said, given Francis’ dismissal of Cruz’s complaints that Chilean Bishop Juan Barros covered up his abuse. During a recent trip to Chile, Francis repeatedly called  . . . 

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  • John Nesbella
    commented 2018-02-19 15:22:39 -0600
    Dennis-Bulls eye!
  • Dennis Ramsey
    commented 2018-02-19 11:17:01 -0600
    Make sure you read the whole article. The points it makes are known throughout the world and the response to the victims has not changed. More importantly, it will not change until the structure of the Catholic Church changes. The Catholic Church is basically a Monarchical system where every Cardinal, Archbishop or Bishop runs his own kingdom. It is up to the “Kings” discretion as to what rules are followed or even the interpretation of the rules. In the United States there are few, if any civil laws that will force a private organization to follow internal regulations. You must prove the infraction is criminal and the Catholic Church has centuries of experience covering up and not releasing damaging internal documents. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has NO ENFORCEMENT power over any Cardinal, Archbishop or Bishop to follow the published rules of that organization. Think for one moment the implications of what I have just written. Not only do the rules have no meaning, it is a charade that the Church uses to cover the ongoing abuse of these children. The Pope does have some control over these issues, but is limited in his power by Canon Law. It doesn’t really matter anyway, he will never hear of these cases. My wife and I live in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and have firsthand experience trying to report, in 2014, an abusive priest involved with our minor daughter. We were reporting in detailed letters, direct violations to the Decree on Child Protection and could not get Father Jeff Bacon removed. Unknown to us at the time, behind the scenes he was interacting with several of our children and pitting them against their parents. He was not removed for over fifteen months, when further allegations were made against him. Archbishop Dennis Schnurr accepted Father Bacon’s “Resignation” from Holy Cross Immaculata approximately four months later, in March of 2016. No explanation was given to the public or our family. Catholic priests have told us it was paramount the Archdiocese explain to our family the wrong in the actions of Father Bacon, so that the healing could begin. It has never happened. We requested a meeting with the Archbishop and the Chancellor, we were told “There will be no meeting”. There is not enough space here to explain the rest of the horror of this situation, we just live this destruction of our family relationships every day. How many more of these innocent children will be sexually abused by these predators before it is stopped? When is the public going to wake up and stop funding the luxurious lifestyle of those who continue to enable these predators? The Hierarchy of the Catholic Church must be held accountable for this continued abuse. Until then, nothing will change.
  • John Nesbella
    commented 2018-02-16 16:16:11 -0600
    If the pope were meeting with survivors of sexual abuse several times a month it would have been highly publicized-as a PR stunt. Experts in the manipulation of public opinion-the vatican boys would never let something like this be done without exploiting it to the max. At best, maybe spokesthing greg burke was fed this story and he is regurgitating what he has swallowed. Doesn’t francis have a mouth to say these things himself? What is completely true in this article is that the vatican is ‘seeking to defuse a mounting scandal.’ What kind of sexual abuse victim has the time and money to fly to Rome and hear from his highness? If papa were really interested in the survivors he would be going to them-like Jesus did-not waiting for sick, half-dead survivors to spend thousands of dollars to journey thousands of miles to the pope’s pink palace to hear his empty promises and propaganda.

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