Twice arrested priest still has backers

Twice arrested priest still has backers

I've been doing this for 25 years now and have rarely seen such a small but loud bunch of people rallying around a predator priest like those backing Fr. Joseph Jiang in St. Louis.

A now teenaged girl says Jiang abused her a few years ago.

Her parents believe her.

The police believe her.

The prosecutors believe her.

St. Louis' most experienced clergy sex abuse attorney believes her.

Law enforcement officials, in a court filing, say they have hard evidence, including a phone message, a number of text messages and a $20,000 check that Jiang reportedly left for the girl's parents after they confronted him with their suspicions.

And his own archbishop suspends him.

However, the criminal case against Fr. Jiang was dropped for complicated legal reasons.

But her civil suit is continuing.

Then, two weeks ago, a boy said Jiang abused him.

His parents believe him.

The police believe him.

The prosecutors believe him.

Two counts of sexually abusing a child are filed.

And his own archbishop goes further, yanking Jiang's faculties.

Needless to say, we in SNAP find both sets of allegations credible too.

And I almost forgot. The girl's parents say, in their civil suit, that Jiang admitted his guilt to them and to Archbishop Robert Carlson. Despite being pressed repeatedly, Carlson refuses to confirm or deny that. . .

So perhaps as many as two dozen people believe these two kids (who have likely never met). But some Catholics vociferously proclaim Jiang's innocence. So just one simple question that these Jiang backers refuse to answer: These adults who believe these two children, are they're all deluded or are they all corrupt?


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  • commented 2014-05-15 07:25:54 -0500
    I think it takes some in their family or maybe themselves to finally agree that the money that people donate to the church isn’t really going for that parking lot improvement or roof repairs, it’s going to payoff the abused kids from bringing out complaints against priests.
  • commented 2014-05-11 20:36:33 -0500
    My sisters helped me do research on Fr. Donald J O’Shaughnessy and saw he was honored for 50 years of being a priest in 2011 even though he was defrocked in 2006.

    Nice going not checking before honoring.
  • commented 2014-05-11 09:26:40 -0500
    Facing the reality of historical political lobby status in all levels of government is something. We shifted to protest at the statehouse and atny generals office when this fact became obvious. While it was met with better reception than at the cardinals lair, quickly as if mafia posture we were met by “advocates” there who seemed to hold their enemy’s closer then their friends in legislative and criminal case pursuits. So we can stand in shock at how obtuse these people are but take into consideration just what we are up against.
  • commented 2014-05-09 20:20:25 -0500
    “However, the criminal case against Fr. Jiang was dropped for complicated legal reasons.”

    Actually it’s very simple. The legal system itself is almost utterly corrupt.
    Thanks Bill, I’ll check out the link.
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  • commented 2014-05-03 14:53:49 -0500
    Here is the link to the tribute from Tom Fitzgerald who was the faculty member of Fr. Donald J. O’Shaughnessy (this priest is one who abused me)
  • commented 2014-05-03 12:57:19 -0500
    Birds of a feather flock together, so it’s no wonder that these people protect their own. I’ve seen some responses on other websites where the defenders of the priests resort to ad hominem attacks and use the flimsiest points to make their worthless cases. And don’t expect much from the UN, as they are possibly infiltrated as well. By whom? Do your homework. I have.
  • commented 2014-05-03 09:28:41 -0500
    It’s interesting that people still back a priest because they have already forgave. I was abused by (Donald J O’Shaughnessy) had a backer who was a former faculty member from my high school (Loyola Academy).
  • commented 2014-04-30 11:39:51 -0500
    I think perhaps a better question might be, are you all pedophiles or pedophile “wannabees”, too? Good God! What does it take, for these adults to stop “praisiing, ‘worshipping’, and supporting” catholic priests who are very obviously sexual predators of children? Really, what does it take?