Dallas/Fort Worth
Contact: Lisa Kendzior
Phone: 817-773-5907
Email: snapdfw@verizon.net  

Contact: Paul Petersen

Phone: 972-569-0995

Email: snapdfw.paul@gmail.com  

Media Contact: Amy Smith
Phone: 281-748-4050
Email: watchkeepamy@gmail.com 

Click here to listen to Amy Smith’s story recorded in the Chicago StoryCorps booth August 1, 2014


Support Group Meeting: Meets once a month.

Contact: Erin Crosby, SNAP Leader and meeting facilitator
Phone: 469-387-9434
The group meets the third Saturday of each month near downtown Dallas and south of the Trinity River. For details contact Erin Crosby. 

Contact: Michael Norris
Email: SNAPmdnorris@hotmail.com
Phone: 713-855-9178

Support Group Meetings: Meets monthly. Call Michael for details   

Contact: Mark Hill
Phone: 512-695-0269
Email: roppoloman@msn.com


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