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Story #22 – Authors & Heroes

Allow me to write about the Authors of Courage to Heal, and the Courage to Heal workbooks.

These two women showed many the way out of the woods of sexual abuse by dealing frankly and honestly about human emotions and the decision to confront one's own issues.

Countless people have benefited from their work and others have benefited by those close to them using the books. I used their books to begin the process of looking back, and I found the books to be catalysts for facing issues that were hard to face. The books became the basis for taking a hard look back at places and times I wanted to forget.

It helped me know that there were many others who faced the same issues, and were using these works to help them take a long, hard look back on their own lives.

While some have criticized the two for sparking false memories of sexual abuse, the books benefit many by letting them know that their thoughts and feelings are real, and that they do matter. For me, instead of creating a wedge between me and others in my past, the books strengthened the healthy relationships that were part of my past, helped me identify strong allies in healing in my current life, and allowed me the freedom to explore who was, and who was not helpful to me personally.

While the books can be used just once, they also are useful when trying to revisit difficult issues at other times in a person's life, and they are safe guides through the process and back to the present.

So, heroes – Authors of these books-- two who do care and continue to care about others on the path to healing.

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