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Story #20 – I Am My Hero

Bitter cold winds tug …. A whisper, a memory, a faint scream the reminder.

Laughing faces at the church………fighting rightly so contrasting thoughts.

There are no heroes with child rape. Especially if you spent your whole life forgetting.

No one wants to know, no one really cares. The pain belongs to yourself.

So here goes……I am the hero of myself. I am the one who cares.

I am the one who makes sure that people understand the pain.

I am the one who makes life worthwhile.

I have everything virtually that I want…….only because I know that there are no real heroes.

The hero has to be yourself!!

There is only one shot at life and I will be damned if I let a pedophile priest ruin it!!!

I am my own hero and I will make sure that I my life is bloody fantastic.

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