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Story #13 – For D.C.

Last year I received a request to give a brief talk at my first SNAP convention held in Chicago. My first reaction was why; then I remembered it was for my son, and then it became easy for me to say yes. We boarded the train, found our seat and settled down for the four hour ride. I started to think of all the people who I admire as I drifted off daydreaming. The image that was in my mind was of one of my grandchildren pulling at my skirt asking me, “Grandma, are super heroes real?”

I thought a minute and realized that I had to tell him the truth, “Yes little one, super heroes are real.” I went on to say “not only are they real but I know some, matter of fact I know one with super powers few people in life have.” The image was so strong that months later I still see it in my mind. “D.C.” (SNAP Leadership) was there at the top of my list as I tried to explain to my grandchild not to worry, though they are few they are as true and mighty as you could ever imagine. “Does he lift buildings with one hand grandma?” “He doesn’t lift building he lifts hearts which at times far outweigh the largest building you could find. He can touch a person’s heart while protecting it from the bad guys that try or have succeeded in causing the heart of heart to break in the first place. When the bad guys run for cover, he gently starts to mend the damage that was done.

My grandchild continued with the obvious question, “grandma can he fly?” “Yes he can fly and yes faster than a speeding bullet when it comes to someone attacking the innocence of a child.” Still relentless my grandson needed to know more so I gave the best explanation I could find to describe him. “You see dear, the definition of a super hero is a person that many times defies all odds while working on their only mission which is to “do good.” A super hero can even save lives by being the strongest, wisest and most determined person that stands up to make the world a better place.”

I am blessed to know this super hero I am writing about and I know he is real as I have seen him with my own eyes as he helped to hold my world together and bring meaning to this crazy mixed up place called earth. I give many thanks to “D.C.” for being the remarkable individual that I will look up to for many years to come and I hope someday that somehow he sees the fruit of his labor and changes the world to become what God had envisioned it to be. “D.C.”, Thank you.

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