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Story #11 – A Pair of Heroes

“N” is an old friend from my glory days as a performer. He was in the band I sang for and although the band had a nasty break with me, he has always been there for me, sending me up-beat e-mails and being a good and caring friend.

Now that I am working hard on my healing and sometimes am very fragile, “N” knows this and nearly always calls me once or even twice a day to ask how I am, to tell me about his new kitty, or just to share jokes that make us laugh until we’re breathless.

Occasionally he’ll drive the forty-five minutes it takes him to come and pick me up. Then we drive around in his car listening to the kind of music we both love as he has a cassette player in the car. When we hear music that we especially like, he takes the cassette home and burns a CD for me. This is all music from our friends who knew we were taping so he’s not breaking any laws.

Sometimes “N” will take me out to a coffee shop where we’ll sit and chat and laugh. At one of those times, we met a man named “D” who has now become my second hero.

“D” also calls me once or twice a day now too. He knows my story and I know his. We were both Catholics when we were children.

We often visit a Hindu temple together where a holy woman comes twice a year to hug her devotees, teach them meditation and tell them interesting stories about living a good and holy life. She has brought “D” and me very close together. We are both intensely spiritual and she offers us something vital that was missing when we left the RCC.

On the long ride to and from the temple we visit even when she isn’t there, we talk about our lives and the pain we both work hard to overcome. We help each other over the rough patches by talking and listening to one another, something we really cannot do with anyone else in our lives.

“D” is very caring and loving and I am so blessed to have a friend like him.

Both “N” and “D” take me shopping sometimes when it’s difficult for me to do it myself. They are always fun to be with. They make a lot of funny jokes and we usually laugh a lot together. This really helps to open my heart and feel the sunshine.

My heroes help me remember that I am not alone in my pain and healing. They make it easier to get through the day because I know that one or the other will call me soon. “N” is sixty-seven and “D” is twenty-six. I am sixty-three myself but all time and age floats away when we get together. All we share is all we have and that is pure love.

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