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Story #8 – A Hero Who Deserves A Gift

I was sexually abused by two priest 30yrs ago in southern Calif. when I was 13. I'm now 45yrs old and recently went through what psychiatrist call repressed memories. I didn't remember anything until July of 2009 when a friend showed me a class picture of my classmates on Facebook. I got sick to my stomach, started shaking and during this, my fiancé who I barely met in May and proposed in June was in the living room while this was going on in the dining room. I was embarrassed and tried to hide it from her and keep it a secret like I have for over 30yrs. We've gone through a lot since that day and I did tell her after a week of trying to find the priests on the internet to confront them. We did get married in Sept. but I have put her through a lot to the point of her having a mild heart attack, losing her job because of the stress. We did separate in June 2010 because I felt I was verbally abusing her because of my anger toward the church. I found out that they knew of my abusers but just moved them from church to church when the heat was on instead of turning them into police. This was not the first time they moved them because of something like this. She is a woman who raised 2 foster girls at separate times using her own money to put them in private school to better their lives and still to this day is trying to help me get better knowing we probably won't get back together. She also is part of a group that helps animals and has six cats and one dog that she rescued. She is probably going to lose her condo she had for 20yrs because of her losing her good paying job and I feel bad because I put the stress on her because of these priest. If there's any person who deserves a gift because of their charity or willingness to help others despite their own feeling is her. She doesn’t know I'm writing this and if she knew she wouldn't want me to praise her like I think she deserves. Please choose her so I can be part of giving her a gift of praise.

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