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Story #6 – "My Hero-My best friend”

Yes, she makes me glad I survived and glad we lived to tell about my abuse.

Yes, I am glad she was here to read my story in a book, that shows abuse in its worst form , and she read it, and loved it , and she, was in fact ' proud" of me--her daughter.

Yes, my hero is My Mother, who is My best friend. And to show she is THE UNBELIEVABLE BEAUTY in my book is an honor for her because she is a beauty.

But she was not scared to even defend me even as far as saying 'I am not afraid to stand up to even the Bishop."

Wow--I can't say that--I am not that strong.

She lived to see a book as a symbol of what my life was really like involving abuse yet at times, she remains --THE UNBELIEVABLE MOTHER.

As a person-who never went to college or took writing classes, I put my true life experience on paper for all to read--THE TRUTH.

And I say I am glad I survived and I am glad she, (my best friend) survived to read it.

My hero is: My Mother.

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