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My hero is my best friend, who has risked so much in her life to be on my journey, she has challenged others, sits with me when I am overwhelmed with fear, cries with me when I have a flashback or something triggers me, she provides the laughter when I would rather cry, she gives me hope when I feel there is no tomorrow, she travels with me when I cannot be alone, she shares her faith when I am in despair, she gives her love when I have to dig deep to find mine. My friend is my hero because she has taken the risk to take this walk and we do not know the path, but she accepted with open arms, and an open heart that allows me to feel safe and loved. She has put me first in so many ways, and stood up for me when I could not, she has been my eyes, my mouth, my ears, when I am insecure within myself and did not know what to do or where to go. The journey takes its turns now and then, and she never gives up, she walks her truth, and believes in the justice of speaking up for another. Her friendship is my lifeline, her words are my freedom, her love is my comfort, and her presence is my eternal gift. Heroes are different things to people. They do not need super powers, or do something famous, there are heroes of life and my friend is the hero that rescued me from the road of no return and I know wherever the journey travels she will be on it. I know I can continue to heal with her by my side and to see the blue skies again, the bright sun, and to know it is okay to be alive.

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