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Story #14 – A Long Road to Healing

My mom is a very strong catholic parent
      And church on Sunday was very apparent. 
A priest was considered a man of God
      One who taught you right, wrong and possibly what was odd. 
As a child my Dad left me and gave me an empty heart
      And this led me to believe my life was falling apart. 
When I felt the pain was deep and no one cared
      I turned to a priest to keep God very near and dear. 
This priest bought me many gifts and eventually gave me a hug
      But deep down I didn’t realize his motives were only smug. 
I became special and what I thought was loved and unique
      Only to realize later in life that he only cared for my physique. 
He told me I was very special and his only girl
      But deep down I started to get confused and wanted to hurl. 
As the years go by I learn to please him whenever he wants
      But I never told my family or friends because I was in such knots. 
I finally came out of the closet and went to my spouse
      He told me I was crazy and belonged in a mental house. 
My spouse left me because he said what I did was sick and bad
      I really thought he would understand but instead he got very mad. 
I am still in one hour meetings trying to turn my life around
       and my therapist teaches me the priest was way out of bounds. 
I decide to take my case to the church as I now realize it was very wrong
      This man can’t face me and ends his life as he wasn’t strong. 
I still wonder why he took his own life with a gun
      I am very confused and don’t understand what he has done. 
Everyone is shocked and some say there was never an abuse
      And if so why did I wait so long to accuse. 
I know everyone thought this man was wonderful and great
      And they wouldn’t believe me so I had to wait. 
All said and done I am left with my therapist, family and one true friend
      They believe I am strong and I will carry this with me to the end. 
To everyone who believes me and continues to help me heal
      I would like to thank you for trying to understand how I really feel. 
My mom is still a great person with all the catholic behavior
      But to me she has become my one and only very special savior

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