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Story #13 – My Candle of Hope

Myspace, a social networking website, dominated by teens internationally, is seen by many adults as a source of darkness, filling too much of a teenager's time and space in an unnecessary way. For one young lady, Myspace was a source of brightly lit candle of hope...

A young woman I will call “C” was seeking help. After being sexually abused by her stepfather, having her mother turn her back on her and feeling unworthy of life, she scoured the internet for a ray of light from somewhere.

“C” came across my Myspace page, where I posted teal advocacy ribbons, warning signs of sexual abuse, my community involvement as Mrs. Maryland, and how readers of my Myspace page could support organizations that expose pedophilia and pedophiles. Through this "dark social network", “C” sent me a long, detailed private message after realizing that I was a person who could be trusted and that we lived very close to one another; she pleaded for my help.

I referred “C” to a local domestic violence and sexual abuse support center, TurnAround, Inc. She contacted the center immediately and began counseling sessions within days. The stepfather is no longer allowed in the home and “C” felt a heavy load had been lifted, resulting in my personal uplifting knowing that I was able to light the way for a young, hurting soul.

We met later for lunch and went swimming at a community pool. She shared with me how her personal travels toward healing were being illuminated by my candle of hope, a candle I was not even sure I had.

How encouraging it was to help someone who survived the same catastrophe I did! Many people dream of preventing a tumultuous event that occurred in their own life from happening to someone else… I thank God for the opportunity to see this dream fulfilled.

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