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Story #7 – Angels of Hope

Candles come in all sizes, all colors, and provide us with a glimmer of hope as soon as they are lit. My candle was re-lit many times on this journey. My last flicker of hope came when I attended the women’s show in Cleveland. I was browsing through items with my friend, and then we heard our names called. A beautiful young woman was standing there and asked if we remembered her. I thought it was someone I knew, and it sure was, a former student I had at our high school that recently closed. I was awed by how she had changed. She asked what are we doing now, and my friend and I are doing ministry for kids and women, and we at the time we were starting a non-profit status, but having no money, and with my own journey it was taking us awhile, and so she asked to meet for coffee. Skeptic as I am, I thought she was just being kind to her old teacher.

Two weeks passed and her email came with an invitation to meet, we met her at a local coffee shop, and she came prepared for something I was not ever expecting. She had worked in nonprofit before her new position, she said we were sent into her life, not knowing she herself was suffering with abuse and working on her issues and wanting to pay it forward for all we did when she was a student.

As we ordered our coffee, she took out her paper and checkbook, and said she wanted to help with our ministry and I believe in angels and people coming into your life but never would imagine what she was to offer to us. Her gift to us was to be our president of the ministry, pay for the incorporation and set up all procedures. I just looked at her with tears forming and said how do we ever thank you, and her response was, we did along time ago: when she had no one and no where to go, she had us.

We named the ministry Angel Wing Ministries, Inc, and for me personally it gave me hope that on a journey that is so hard everyday. There are real angels walking in our midst and the candle was relit to believing in something more than what is right in front of you all the time. I have an angel always beside me, my best friend and partner in our ministry and now we have shared the generous spirit of others. Hope is not always easy for me, but it does come in ways you never imagined.   

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