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Story #1 – The Journey

My journey begins in Groton, Conn. I was an alter boy at sacred heart. A new "hip" priest showed up one day, Father “X.” Father X proceeded to set-up a youth group for the teenager crowd at the school. It was actually a front so he could prey on teenagers. I was one of the unfortunate ones who was caught in his web. As I was approaching my 30s, I started having nightmares of some one attacking me, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, crying jags, etc.

I started seeing a psychiatrist and thru therapy and medication (Prozac), I survived. When I became stronger I filed a lawsuit against the church and Father X. I was awarded $800,000 from a jury in Bridgeport, Conn. in 2001 but the judge reversed the decision because she didn't believe my story.

I then became even more depressed because the people who are supposed to protect us from predators had let me down. I spiraled into depression even further. Miraculously, I met a gorgeous woman, who somehow brought me out of this depression and made me realize even though I had lost the court case I still had brought Father X face-to-face with who he really is, a serial child rapist. Three years later my love and I split up and I was so despondent I traveled to Colchester, Vermont to discuss with the Edmundites the possibility of them paying my just compensation from them moving Father X from one parish to another knowing he was a serial child rapist.

I was arrested by the Colchester police department for unlawful trespass. My life had hit rock bottom.

And then, my daughter became pregnant and had the most beautiful little angel, with big, blue eyes, blonde, blonde hair, and the cutest little smile in the world. She became my little savior from heaven. All the trauma I had experienced for the past 30 years just melted away. She is 2 and a half now and is the center of my world.

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