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2008 Story #10 – My Journey of Healing

There have been a few circumstances that have helped me on my journey of healing this year. To name them all would take more than 300 to 500 words so I thought I'd share just a few.

One is a lady, who has become a close friend to me. She was always there with an uplifting word, a kind smile, and most importantly a hand to hold in court when I needed it. She seemed to always know when to say something, or when to just listen. Sometimes you don't need someone to give you advice or counsel. You just need someone to listen, and she did that for me.

My journey seemed to be less aah .... stressful I’d say for lack of a better word when I met another woman, her husband and the other members from my local SNAP group here in Virginia. It helped to meet other people who had gone through the same things I am going through. I knew they had already experienced the same feelings that I am starting to go through as well.

A big help on my road to healing was the feeling of love I felt from my family and friends when they stood with me in court at the sentencing of my perpetrator. Also, seeing him being sent to prison has helped with my healing process as well. It has never been about revenge, but justice. To see it finally served will burn bright inside in me for sometime to come. That evil man is finally were he needs to be.

I think the greatest step that has helped me this year on my journey to healing was being able to attend the SNAP Conference on a scholarship. I was given a chance to not only laugh and cry with others, but to reflect on me, to see myself finally not as a victim but as a survivor.

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