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2008 Story #5 – Detective:: ME???

In a world of clergy abuse in the 1960's we had no police or help. We had to "do" on our own. I became the detective of our home and of me to protect my own self from the abuse I had to endure at a nun’s hands and evil doings. Such as unwrapping our gifts and looking at them. I had to inspect them and I would find many things "open."

I was 12, yet very alert and observant; I saw what my family did not. The abuse was evident 35 years later to them but as a 12 year old, I had become a survivor of clergy abuse and willing to see before I touch to survive, I wanted to survive, and I did because I am writing this some 40 years later for all to see and I am still a survivor, and have survived abuse by a nun.

Yet, I am not a "real" detective, but what I do makes me feel inspired to tell that being observant can save your life.

It saved mine!!

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