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Once upon a time in a far away land lived a beautiful princess named Annabelle Lee who was loved by the people in her kingdom.  All who met her loved her nature, which was filled with compassion and friendliness.  She watch over her kingdom and made sure that everyone was happy.  She was very loving towards her sisters, Karen, Barbara and Molly and held them close to her heart.  They would go to church on Sunday and pray for the less fortunate.  Annabelle had a love for the Lord which enabled her to hear His small voice.  She could not have survived all the trials and tribulations the kingdom had to endure if it were not for her Lord guiding her and helping her.  She met many people who were close to God and gave her hope when her heart was ain despair.  She knew that God chose those people to give her the love and understanding she needed.  She read the Bible frequently and remembered Jesus said to love your enemy 7 times 70.  She thought how in the world can I do that?

Then it happened, the test of her faith in Jesus.  Sir Paul came back to the kingdom after being gone for many years.  He was extremely jealous of her beauty, kindness, intelligence and love for her friends and family.  He practiced witchcraft. Her mother Queen Victyoria warned her not to be so trusting and watch out for Sir Paul because as a mother she knew he wanted to hurt her daughters very deeply, especially Annabelle.  Annabelle and her sisters decided to take a walk to their special place - a shrine where a beautiful statue of Jesus stood.  As they were walking, they heard a noise and Sir Paul appeared suddenly, startling them.

Sir Paul poisoned them and cast a spell on them which made them sleep for four days. On the morning of the fourth day, an angel of the Lord appeared who looked beautiful and radiant.  She broke the spell of Sir Paul, instantly striking him dead.

 Annabelle was told by the angel of the Lord that God would send Sir Paul into the pit of hell for the hurt he had inflicted on these beautiful women.  He would remain in hell for all eternity.

 Annabelle and Karen began to understand how God works in mysteriuous ways.  They ministered to the people in the kingdom for ten years.  Then God told Annabelle a big loss would come to her family and kingdom.  She prayed to God to spare her this loss, but it was too late.  Karen died in her sleep.  She was called to heaven to be with Jesus.  She was known in the kingdom as Yellow Rose.

 Yellow Rose is Annabelle's special angel.  She guards her when she sleeps.  Yellow Rose found a kind, sincere husband for her, Sir John.  She spoke to him in angelic form and told Sir John to marry Annabelle and they would live happily everafter.

 Annabelle and Sir John have two children whom they adore.  Their dear Suzanna is growing up fast; she's very creative and musical.  They had a son a year ago and he is walking and chattering to anyone who will listen.  They named him Abraham and know that one day he will rule their kingdom with the help of Jesus Christ, their Lord and Savior.

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