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2007 STORY #30:  MY ORDEAL

My ordeal begins when I was in my teens, that Rev. Charles E. Doyle, Pastor of Saint Ann's of the Dunes Church, located in Berverly Shores, Indiana, invited me to the rectory out there. He was helping my mother, get her financical situation together. Yes, we were poor at the time.

The good Pastor show me the many features of his home and asked if I would spend the night and take the South Shore train back home the next day. I agreed since it was a little late. He explained to me about how love is the answer to the problems of the world and if I shared love with anyone. i was still green in the area, so he told me things that made me feel comfortable with him.

He used bowling pins to light a fire in the fireplace, and we we sat there talking untilit was time for bed. I thought I would be sleeping in another room but he said it was O.K. to share his room together.

The next day he took me shopping at Ja-Mars a men outlet store and bought me some clothes. Hell, I was poor and anything new to me was a blessing. We began to see each other for quite a while. But one day I came over without lettting him know, only to find I was not the only lover he had. Another kid was leaving as I approched the rector. I did not care, because I was coming to get paid.

Rev. Doyle has purchased me a car, through other channels in the church system by using other Pastor's to assist him with these transactions. I still have the title to the car that can be traced to the owner to verify that Rev. Doyle set this up. Moreover, once I informed that what he did to me was wrong, he help me get my driver license back, came to seem while incarcerated and told me I should be quiet about something like this that happen so long ago.

I told my story to the Catholic diocese, where, I was told that my story seem credible, but went I tried to follow up on that comment, the chruch closed it's door on me. I told my doctor what Rev. Doyle did to me as a child and he said I had a right to persue this still it was affecting my mental health. I tried going to the media, but they knew Rev. Doyle, and said he would not do something like this. They did not print my story and banded me from publishing any of my writings or commentaries.(Gary Post Tribuine)

I even went to the LaPorte County Police,only not to hear from them again once I told them what happen. The Lt. took the information and never call back to verify whether I told the truth or not. Rev. Doyle is also a lawyer, and when I sought legal assistance, I could not get anyone to take the case. Or, if they did take it they sat on the evidence I submitted. I became a rock in a hard place. No one wanted to help me find justice agaisnt this particular person, he has that much influence.

I'm not giving up searching for justice, I just do not know of any other avenues to take that could lead me to the help I need to get my day in court. This is the first time I can let it go in the story review. I pray someone is listening to me out there. I need help.

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