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The Gifts of Love (dedicated to Les).

Christmas time 2004, we lost my beloved husband Les after a long and lengthy illness with Cancer (T-Cell Lymphoma).  He was very sick and scared. The cancer which included suffering with a terrible burning itching and shedding skin condition was not cured with the aggressive chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, the treatments for Les called Photopheresis, was only available in Philadelphia.  We had to drive these trips twice a month.  Philadephia was given us the gift of hope, something we sometimes lost along the way in the many years of helplessly searching for an answer and being let down.  At least he did experience some relief in those days and we were encouraged by this fact. We had to respond so quickly and he received these treatments for four months.  This roller coaster ride posed a tremendous stress yet each time a new hope.  His treatments also included London and Hamilton so that we were constantly on the road daily going for his radiation/chemo.

Les My Angel was a very proud, hard working man and never missed a day’s work for any reason.  It was embarrassing to him that we had to ask for help as time was running out and the Cancer Society was not able to do anything for us.  Nothing was covered in the Health plan for lodging/gas/food we were left on our own for this cure.
 My son, his wife, our two daughters and a future son-in-law devoted their days to drive and be there for every situation. My sisters & relatives showed commitment to us and volunteered their turns and each month driving and footing the bills. Relatives and friends came to London for a search for the Bone marrow match, smiling yet wiping tears.

We organized a Fundraising Event Dance that involved everyone, the generosity and out pouring of love sent goose bumps down my spine. The company that Les worked for in Strathroy, Vari-Form had many pizza Fridays to donate to the cause.  He could not believe the love and best wishes from everyone and this gave him hope.

A special lady in our town of Sarnia also organized a big Gospel Music Event at the Library.  She canvassed every local business for gifts and worked very hard for this day, unfortunately Les passed away that weekend.  The funeral was the day of the Concert.  We decided to go ahead and celebrate HIS life. The words from those beautiful songs that evening touched our hearts and filled our eyes with tears yet it also made us feel like Les was there in Spirit as if it was meant to end this way.   Live for the moment and never take a person for granted.

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