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My son Chris, has had full custody of his eight-year son Mitchell since he was four, was now in a new relationship.  In 2006, Chris received a call from a girl he had briefly dated in the past.  She had returned to her husband with her two children.  She said her marriage broke down again and that her husband had taken her three children and left.  She also told Chris that her husband had decided to have a paternity test done on their new two-year-old boy, Joshua. The results showed that he was not Joshua’s birth father.  He promptly returned Joshua to her.  She told Chris that Joshua was his.  Of course Chris was surprised and wanted proof of paternity.  She told Chris that she had just given Joshua up to the Children’s Aid Society in Toronto. 

After making contact with the CAS worker in charge of Joshua, Chris found out that Joshua was in foster care.  Chris was sent pictures of Joshua and after seeing them, he was almost certain that Joshua was his.  If so, Chris wanted this little boy and was so happy that he was told about him.  Chris had several meetings with CAS and arrangements were made for DNA testing. 

Cheers and tears came with the July 26, 2006, DNA results confirming that Joshua was his son.  Chris was in second heaven and so was his wife-to-be.  I was so happy and couldn’t wait to meet Joshua in person. 

During the first week of August, Chris, Tammy and Mitchell, drove to Toronto’s CAS Office to meet Joshua.  It was a complete surprise when the caseworker told them that they could take Joshua home that day (Chris had already bought a baby car seat)! 

On the drive back home, with his new son Joshua, son Mitchell and future wife Tammy, they were all in heaven!  During the ride home, Joshua sees trains going by and says: “Mommy, trains!”  Tammy looks at Chris and she says: “I guess that means me!” 

Mitchell told me a few days after his new little brother came home: “You know grandma, Joshua has the same blood as me; isn’t that weird!” “He can name all the sports balls I show him and he is really smart and talks very well; but, we have to work on his manners!”  Mitchell’s little story made me laugh so much. 

On August 31, 2006, my son and his family came to vacation at my daughter’s trailer park.  I saw Joshua for the first time walking down the street of the park.  I remember seeing this blue-eyed, curly-haired blonde, beautiful little boy and just picking him up and saying: “Hi, Joshua, I’m your grandma!” … And my tears fell as I hugged him. 

Yes, God gives us only enough pain that we can handle and then he surprises us with a joy beyond words! 

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