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2007 STORY #21:     LIVE WELL

This has been a challenging year for me no doubt.  The LA settlement made me very happy for all my friends who finally saw some justice. However it also was very difficult as there are many of us who have not seen justice to date.  I was so depressed that several of my friends from SNAP saw to it that I made it to the SNAP conference in Washington.  One of the speakers there said that abuse happens in isolation & recovery happens with people. It’s true.  As a result of all this, I had two really great articles written about me & my voice was finally heard.  I also got a great headline which I am sure upset even the Pope. 

One thing I have always done to lift my spirits is to do some type of service work.  I had been volunteering at the Motion Picture & Television Home for those retired from the entertainment business.  When I fell into my funk this year & began to isolate myself, I stopped going. I felt guilty as I had become quite friendly with a woman who lives there.  I showed up to see her after about six months & she asked “where the hell have you been?”  When I told her that I had been depressed she said “What do you have to be depressed about?  You’re young. You don’t have to live here.”  Her humor began to bring things into perspective for me.  Receiving the wisdom that I have gotten from my friends there this year has truly made me grateful for what I do have. One day as I was leaving I stopped to speak to an elderly man there & his parting words to me were “Live well.” 

Money has been tight but I have managed to get by. I acted in four plays this year & even got paid. The tough times have forced me to reach out & ask for help from others.  I have heard before to try to find one thing to be grateful for each day.  One day things were especially bad & someone gave me some really good coffee. That made all the difference in the world. I was in a bad car accident three weeks ago, but it wasn’t my fault. My insurance had just been reinstated that day. Now tell me there’s not a God! I heard a wise man once say that sometimes you go through something & you don’t know why. Later on down the road because of your experience you can help someone else.  I had several friends that had health & legal challenges recently similar to experiences I’ve had in the past. I was glad I was able to help them.  As hard as things have been at times this year, I know they are only temporary.  The greatest blessing & the greatest healing for me this year is that I realize that I am not alone. We are all in this together.

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