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2007 STORY # 7 My heartstone, my angel

To survive is to live. I was rescued by angel that gave my heart life again. I was taken under her wings and protected when all of life was just about taken, and I was ready to take my own last breath out of pain, fear, and coping with an ugly truth.

The angel walked into my life and gave me the heart of hers, and I could feel little flutters of life coming back to me, she offered her hand, her heart, her life to give me mine, to walk a journey that neither of us know where it will go, she accepts my long and flashbacking nights, my anxiety, she hears my truth, my quest for justice and as any angel would do, she holds me close under wings as I hear the song of her heart close to mine, never stopping, always loving, I know I have survived, I know the journey may be long but every day is a gift, a gift shared, a gift given and for me that is Christmas, my own angel of life that walks a midst my path and invites me to be, to live, to love and my gift to her will be my healing and my heartstone will be given to her for we do survive and walk among the living.

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