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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

With sale of Cousins Center, where will Dolan resettle his sex offenders?

Victims want Dolan to transport files from Cousins Center to DA’s office instead of new church vault

Good start would be Fr. James Tully’s record

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Statement by Peter Isely, SNAP Midwest Director, Milwaukee

Archbishop Timothy Dolan of Milwaukee today announced that he has finally sold the Cousins Center, a massively underutilized, inefficient, and wasteful relic of a bygone era. Once the “crown jewel” of one of the most important archdiocese in the country, the center, which trained seminarians beginning as young as 13 years old, was built long before prosecutors, parents and the public discovered that scores of priests being ordained from such institutions were child sex offenders.

Many of these offender priests, in recent years, have been reportedly resettled at living quarters at the Cousins Center, making it also a compound for warehousing dozens of child molesters. Nearly all of these offender clergy and others Dolan has scattered in neighborhoods throughout southeastern Wisconsin are living unpunished, unrepentant and unknown to criminal justice authorities and parents.


Because archdiocesan officials didn’t report these clergy to the police once they had discovered—and often discovered again, and again, and again---that they were raping and sexually assaulting Catholic children and youngsters. So, instead of going to prison and being monitored by correction officials for their rest of their lives, the very same institution that covered up their crimes is now supposedly watching over them at places like the Cousins Center.

SNAP officials in Milwaukee have repeatedly called upon Archbishop Dolan to release the locations of all clergy that have been confirmed by church leaders to have harmed children in the archdiocese, including religious order clergy. We have begged him to allow independent criminal and mental health inspectors to go into the Cousin Center compound and elsewhere where he has deposited his sex offenders.

The Cousins Center is also the repository of tens of thousands of pages of secret “documents of deceit” detailing decades of institutional cover up of child sex crimes by the archdioceses many prolific offenders. These voluminous files, one presumes, are going to have to be transported somewhere, probably to a new church vault.

Doesn’t the sale of the Cousins Center present a prefect opportunity for Dolan to transport these files to law enforcement instead?

An excellent file to start with is Fr. James Tully’s. Tully is a Xaverian sex offender priest who assaulted a seminarian here in Milwaukee, along with other youngsters and has now fled to Italy with the help of church officials.

SNAP is asking Dolan today, at the Cousins Center, to forward his records to local and international criminal authorities.

And when the criminal authorities are done with them, then he can post them, in all their sad and tragic entirety, on the archdiocesan website. Then, the secret vault, like the Cousins Center, could one day too become an unnecessary relic of the past, of those once terrible and dark days when bishops routinely deceived their flocks, and pedophile priests preyed upon the innocent.

Until that long awaited day arrives, we need to know where bishops like Dolan are hiding their priest sex offenders and their files.

Peter Isely, SNAP Midwest Director, 414.429.7259
John Pilmaier, SNAP Milwaukee, 414.336.8575
Mary Guentner, SNAP Wisconsin, 414.418.3191


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Posted July 14
Man to ask Dolan to help defrock priest

A Massachusetts man who says a priest sexually abused him 22 years ago in Franklin will call on the Vatican to defrock the priest in a protest today.

Bill Nash, 41, said he hopes to deliver a letter to Milwaukee Archbishop Timothy Dolan this afternoon, petitioning to the Vatican to defrock Father James Tully. Nash and members of a support group called Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests and a reform group called Voice of the Faithful plan to hold up pictures of Nash this afternoon at the Cousins Center in Milwaukee.

Nash made a similar appeal to the Diocese of Springfield, Mass., in June, according to news reports.

Tully said Masses and assisted with pastoral ministries at a number of Milwaukee nursing homes and at area parishes in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He pleaded no contest to a disorderly conduct charge in 1992 related to other complaints of abuse. The Survivors Network says Tully is living in Vicenza, Italy, with a religious order known as the Xaverian Missionary Fathers.

Nash said he was studying to be a priest when he was abused in 1986. He said he received $75,000 settlement from the Xaverians in 2005.

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests