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The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

SNAP Press Statements

Statement Regarding Plea Agreement
of Cincinnati Priest

For Immediate Release:
Wednesday, June 23, 2004

For Further Information Contact:
Christy Miller: Co-Leader of Greater Cincinnati SNAP Chapter (513) 383-2198
Dan Frondorf: Co-Leader of Greater Cincinnati SNAP Chapter (513) 706-7403
Kathy Davis: Coordinator of Greater Dayton SNAP Chapter (937) 271-7923

SNAP Urges Other Victims to Come Forward on the Heel of Thomas Kuhn's Plea Agreement

SNAP Offers Kudos to Those Responsible for Protecting Kids

Leaders of the local chapter of SNAP congratulate the victims, witnesses, and their supporters that came forward to the Montgomery Prosecutor's Office with charges of abuse against Father Thomas Kuhn. Because the victims stepped out of shame and found their voices, the Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office was able to prosecute Father Thomas Kuhn on 11 misdemeanor charges.

SNAP urges other victims and witnesses to find their voices and come forward to the local authorities concerning their abuse. We encourage other prosecutors throughout the 19 counties of the Arch-Diocese of Cincinnati to investigate and pursue all allegations aggressively and to treat the victims with compassion. SNAP also asks that employees of the Arch-Diocese of Cincinnati find their courage and voice and come forward to the authorities to report any abuse that they are aware of.

This plea is certainly a step towards closure, but is by no means a cure-all for those that have been irreparably damaged by the hands of Father Thomas Kuhn and those that enabled his crimes.

We hope that both the Prosecutor's Office and Judge Mary Katherine Huffman impose the harshest penalty against Kuhn. This is the only assurance the public has that Kuhn will not offend again.

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

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