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The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

SNAP Press Release

Two clergy sex abuse and cover up lawsuits settle

New records show that one predator worked here & another lived here

A male victim gets undisclosed amount; a female victim gets $200,000

SNAP again blasts bishop for “breaking national church policy” with secrecy

Group urges "victims, witnesses & whistleblowers" to "come forward, call cops, get help"

WHAT: Holding signs at a sidewalk news conference, clergy molestation victims will
-- disclose that two pedophile priest cases against ex-Orlando clerics have settled,
-- blast Orlando Catholic officials for
-- failing to tell the public and parishioners about the settlements,
-- refusing to post names of known clergy sex offender on his website, and
-- not working harder to find and help other victims.

They'll also urge anyone else who saw, suspected or suffered the clerics’ crimes to come forward, speak up, get help and call police, so that one predator might be charged, convicted and jailed, which would make kids safer.

WHEN: Thursday, Dec. 3, 1:15 p.m.

WHERE: On the sidewalk, outside the diocesan chancery office, 50 East Robinson (corner of Rosalind) in Orlando

WHO: Two-three members of a support group for clergy molestation victims called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (, including the group’s founder and president from Chicago

WHY: Two child sex abuse and cover up lawsuits have been just settled against Catholic officials involving two clerics and two anonymous victims in separate cases: Fr. James Vallely and Brother Jorge Acosta.

Yesterday, news media in Maine reported that a case against Vallely was just resolved for $200,000. And today, for the first time, SNAP is disclosing that a case against Acosta was settled last month for an undisclosed amount.

Vallely spent most of his time in New England but moved to Orlando in the 1990s. Acosta worked mostly in the Tampa area (and lives there now: 5620 North St. Peters Avenue) but worked at an Orlando Catholic church after being ousted from a Tampa church assignment. (He also saw an Orlando therapist for 1.5 years and played in an Orlando area band.)

Orlando Bishop Thomas Wenski has been criticized several times by SNAP, especially for what the group calls his 'on-going secrecy.' The group has repeatedly urged him to post names of predator priests on his diocesan website (Roughly 20 bishops have done this; Wenski refuses).

Seven years ago, America's bishops pledged to be 'open and transparent' about clergy sex cases. SNAP believes Wenski should have publicized allegations much earlier against the following accused clerics: Fr. Vernon Uhran, Fr.

Jose Mean and Fr. Carlos Bedoya.

SNAP is especially worried about Urhan, who is believed to be living in the Nashville TN area. Until recently, no evidence had surfaced publicly showing that Uhran actually molested kids or that his diocesan supervisors had been warned about his sexual misconduct years earlier. But both facts were confirmed in legal documents SNAP disclosed at a new conference in April 2009. At that event, SNAP released depositions showing 1) that Uhran invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination dozens of times, and 2) that the mother of a Uhran victim told Orlando’s former bishop about Uhran's crimes long ago. (At a May 2009 SNAP news conference in Orlando, Uhran victim Jeff Hall spoke publicly about his abuse for the first time. He can be reached at 706 736 4343 or 706 829 1514.)

Vallely’s victims are represented by Boston attorney Mitchell Garabedian of Boston (617 523 6250 work, 617 388 5250 cell) and Acosta’s victims and Uhran’s victims are represented by Miami attorney Adam Horowitz (305 931 2200 office, 305 298 7713 cell). Vallely is now deceased.

CONTACT: Barbara Blaine, SNAP president (312 399 4747 cell), David Clohessy, SNAP National Director (314 566 9790 cell), Barbara Dorris, SNAP Outreach Director (314 503 0003), Richard Henkel, SNAP Orlando SNAP Director (407 645 4447, 407 702 8688)

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests