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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10 Most Dangerous Pedophile Priests! Today in Baltimore!

SNAP names “Most Dangerous US Pedophile Priests”

New list shows that abuse & cover up crisis continues

Group wants bishops to educate parishioners on how to respond when accusations surface

While many Catholics support victims, SNAP says others still ‘rally around’ alleged predators


At a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims will
-- release a first-ever list of the “Ten Most Dangerous US Pedophile Priests,” &
-- give copies of a 21 point brochure showing Catholics how they can support accused child molesting clergy WITHOUT intimidating or hurting victims, and
-- urge the US bishops conference to publish the brochure and teach parishioners how to respond appropriately and helpfully when their priest is accused of child sex crimes.

WHEN: TODAY, Tuesday, Nov. 11, 11:00 a.m.


Outside the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel, where hundreds of America’s Catholic bishops are meeting this week (700 Aliceanna Street, 410-385-3000)

Several clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters, including a Chicago woman who founded a support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (

The list includes priests from AZ, NY, MD, MO, DE, TX and FL, and who worked or live in NJ, OH, IL, and RI. One surreptitiously fathered triplets seven years ago and recently molested two of them. Another drugged dozens of boys into unconsciousness and sodomized them. Another admits fathering eight kids with teenagers.

Each of the accused priests walks free in the US. Some have multiple victims yet also enjoy apparently substantial followings even now. One pastors a parish today, though he was convicted in a civil trial of molesting a boy. SNAP considers several of them flight risks. None have been criminally convicted (so they may be more dangerous than those who are on sex offender registries). Two are former high ranking monsignors. (The list is available at

All belong in jail or secure treatment centers, SNAP feels, but apparently are getting little/no supervision.

SNAP is particularly highlighting predators who’ve abused in the last few years - in part because they may still face legal action, and it’s harder to excuse inaction or deceit by bishops with recent crimes.

The group is also concerned because often when pedophile priests are accused of molesting kids, parishioners immediately disbelieve the allegations, rush to support the priest, and do so in highly public and controversial ways that frighten witnesses and discourage victims from coming forward. Today, for instance, Harlem parishioners have essentially erected a shrine outside their church for a recently suspended powerful monsignor who faces at least eight accusers.

The group wants bishops to launch a new effort to teach parishioners how to respond to such allegations.

Yesterday, SNAP released a list of pedophile priests who, while suspended and unsupervised, committed more crimes recently. SNAP predicts this will be a growing trend, as predators get inadequate or no therapy or monitoring, and live on their own. Instead, SNAP believes those who cannot be jailed should be forced to live at independently, remote, professionally-run treatment centers with full disclosure to nearby residents and law enforcement.

In the past, SNAP has also released a list of ‘America’s Worst Cardinals’ and ‘Ten Dioceses That Treat Victims Most Harshly.’

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