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January 31, 2006

Other Sexual Misconduct Cases Mishandled in the Chicago Archdiocese Since 2002

The McCormack case isn't a mistake. It's a pattern.

- In January 2003, six months after promising reforms, George let Fr. Ken Martin work here and live in the Cardinal's mansion, even though Martin was convicted of molesting a kid in Delaware. George initially claimed he didn't know about Martin's past. Later, George's spokesman split hairs, claiming the chruch's sex abuse guidelines deal with only priests, and Martin abused when he was a seminarian, so the guidelines didn't apply

- In February 2005, Fr. Michael T. Yakaitis worked at the University of Chicago's Catholic Center, despite admitting sexual misconduct with a teenager years ago. A victim reported Yakaitis' exploitation and manipulation to at least seven church officials. But George let the abuser stay in ministry until this was publicly exposed.

- In March 2004, twice-suspended abusive priest Fr. John Calicott was caught working, living and teaching sex education to kids at his old parish, with the full knowledge of the pastor. George slapped Calicott on the hand, but refused to discipline or censure the pastor, Fr. George Miller, who knowingly put children in harm's way and violated the US bishops' national abuse policy.

- In October 2005, George refused to discipline or warn others about Father Elijah Martin (a.k.a. Father Jason Martin) who seduced a young woman, fathered her child, ignored hrm, and refused to pay child support. Martin's direct superiors also refused to give the mom any information about the priest's whereabouts. George washed his hands of this controversy.,1,4102236.story?coll=chi-newslocalchicago-hed

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests