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2010 SNAP Conference Schedule (Updated)

Friday Evening Jul 30

7:00"Welcome," Mark Serrano
7:30"The Best Year Ever," David Clohessy
8:00"Prosecuting Clergy: Always do right; this will gratify some and astonish others,” Phillip Koss
8:45"Exposing the truth; difficult but necessary!" Barbara Blaine
9:15"Past, Present, Future; Reflections through it all," Tom Doyle

Saturday Jul 31

7:00Walk in Chicago, see Chicago’s Riverwalk and Lake Michigan, Sheila Murphy and Joy Lee (meet at hotel registration desk)
9:00“The truth will set us free,” Judge Anne Burke
9:45"When Faith Hurts: The Spiritual Damage Caused by Child Sexual Abuse," Victor Vieth
10:30"Sad and Mad, Not Bad: Understanding Abuse Dynamics to Heal," Christine Courtois
11:30Breakout Session One
2:00"All Roads Lead to Rome," Jeff Anderson
2:45"SNAP in Europe," Lieve Halsberghe, Joelle Casteix, Peter Saunders and Barbara Dorris
4:00“Dueling Cardinals and Tomb-Drilling Police,” Terry McKiernan and Anne Barrett-Doyle
5:00Breakout Session Two
6:00Friends of Bill W meeting
8:00"Boys and Men Healing," a documentary film with a brief question and answer session afterwards.

Sunday Aug 1

7:00Walk in Chicago, see Chicago’s Riverwalk and Lake Michigan, (meet at hotel registration desk)
9:00“I was an insider” Panel, Reyma McCoy, Patrick Wall and Joelle Casteix
10:00“I Made A Difference” Facilitated by David Clohessy.
11:45"Send Off and Evaluation," Barbara Blaine
NoonConference Ends

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