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  • commented 2017-05-19 10:16:46 -0500
    I really want to attend the conference. I need it so much. I am in a transition. At the time being I am unenmployed. I have experience a series of crisis due to flashbacks and suicidal ideation. I called 911 and I was taken to the hospital. My psychiatrist is taking care of my medication and made some adjustments. On the other hand I participated in a film Hold Me Right that is about the aftermath of sexual assault. It is a documentary from Danijela Stajnfeld. Http:// (I am on the advertisement cover photo, my testimony is showned and a specific sección sharing a reflexión about the aftermath of sexual abuse).
    I am still working my case with Tom Doyle. I would love to share my experience at the conference about my case and the process of recovery and healing from it.

    Right now I am looking for options to be able to travel to the conference, however, I was wondering if i can be granted the scholarship for the conference and if you could pay for the hotel. Thank you very much Barbara