PA- Victims appeal to Rigali- don’t vote in papal election

PA- Victims appeal to Rigali- don’t vote in papal election

Kids were hurt and crimes were concealed on Cardinal Rigali's watch in Philadelphia. For that reason, we urge him to recuse himself from voting on the next pope. 

Nothing can undo the harm that was done to hundreds of wounded Philly victims and tens of thousands of betrayed Philly Catholic families. But this simple gesture - Rigali staying away from the conclave - would at least be an overdue and welcome sign of contrition on his part. His participation will only deepen the suffering of many who have suffered enough.


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    Hi Karen: Yes, I saw with my own eyes on TV that Rigali did in fact vote for the pope. I watched in dismay when he took the oath. What nerve he had to march up there in the procession of Cardinals and vote. I’m happy with the new Pope Francis and I did notice that he was not on the list of the 12 cardinals blacklisted. This Pope has his work cut out for him and I do hope that he gets rid of the broom used to sweep all those dirty secrets under the rug. Thank you for your participation to help the horrific trauma that these priests’ bestowed on these boys to never happen again. Bishop John McIntyre just spoke about the new pope cracking down on gay priests. He was Fr. McIntyre when he was at my Parish at Saint Dominic Church, Philadelphia. Also, the former Fr. Edward V. Avery was also a priest in my parish St. Dominic for many years. Thank God he’s now in jail. Even though Avery wrote to me when he left for St. Jerome’s parish where he took up with a young alter boy. He told the boy he heard about “sessions” he had with the other priests’ and told the boy that their “sessions” would be starting soon. This part I read in the paper as he told me he was innocent. There’s no sense of remorse here. I can’t stand the fact that these so called priests actually think they can fool God, preach on sin, hear confessions, marry & baptize people and know what they want to do and are going to continue to do within the church and right under it’s nose. How low can you get. Take Care, Doris
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