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Tort reform law needs a fix

Dispatch Editorial, December 20, 2016, Columbus Dispatch

An Ohio Supreme Court ruling reducing damages a jury awarded to a child raped by her church pastor is a sickening miscarriage of justice: But the fault lies not with the justices, whose job is to determine whether laws are constitutional, not second-guess laws. Instead, this is a case of the Ohio legislature using too broad a brush.

It’s hard to believe that the General Assembly and Gov. Bob Taft intended to protect a predator when they enacted tort reform in 2005. The law aimed to curb frivolous lawsuits and runaway jury awards over things such as defective medications, unsafe cars and slip-and-fall accidents — massive civil damages that Republican lawmakers and the insurance industry said were chasing businesses out of Ohio, hurting the economy.

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Unsealed abuse case shows court's role in scandal

Editorial, The Tribune-Democrat, December 18, 2016

The attorney general’s investigation of child sexual abuse across the Altoona-Johnstown Roman Catholic Diocese unveils two terrible truths.

Priests and others within the church had been assaulting countless children for decades.

And church leaders and law enforcement professionals were not prosecuting the offenders, instead choosing to seal up cases and move priests from parish to parish, allowing for more children to become victims.

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By By , December 15, 2016, ABC 7 News

ELGIN, Ill. (WLS) --A lawsuit has been filed against a minister in Elgin, Ill., who is accused of sexually abusing a woman.

The alleged victim, a former member of his church, said the pastor sexually abused her on numerous occasions, harassed her with text messages and then called her names in front of the congregation during his sermons.

One church in Elgin is home to a small congregation of members of the International Christian Fellowship, which rents space for worship led by their pastor Manfred Malagon.

The lawsuit states where the victim claims that Malagon sexually abused her.

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Ohio Supreme Court Says No Exception For Child Sex Crime Victims In Caps On Jury Awards

  DEC 14, 2016, Statehouse News Bureau

The Ohio Supreme Court says a state law capping damages in certain cases is constitutional. That means a 15-year-old Delaware County girl raped by her pastor in 2008 will get a quarter of a million dollars – not the $3.5 million the jury awarded her family.


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Victim sues Lewis County church for sexual abuse

By Frank Lewis -, December 13, 2016, Portsmouth Daily Times

Teenager known as “John Doe” files lawsuit in sexual abuse case

A Lewis County, Kentucky church has been sued by a male teen for child sexual assault. According to attorney Bruce MacDonald of the McBrayer McGinnis Leslie & Kirkland, law firm, their client, known for the record as “John Doe,” is suing Vanceburg Christian Church where a former pastor, Duncan D. Akers, Jr., 65, pleaded guilty and was convicted of criminal charges for sexually abusing the plaintiff, “John Doe.”

Akers pleaded guilty to five counts of first degree sexual abuse as part of a plea agreement. Several other charges were dropped as a part of the plea deal.

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How a pedophile pediatrician changed the law in Delaware

The Atlanta Journal Constitution, December 9, 2016

Linda Ammons was a law school dean in Delaware when she was tapped by the governor to answer a disturbing question: Why didn’t someone stop a pedophile pediatrician before he had abused hundreds of kids?

Police in Delaware arrested Dr. Earl Bradley in 2009. He is serving a life sentence for the sexual abuse of his patients, with no chance of parole. When the police found hours of videos Bradley had made of himself raping and molesting patients, it was almost impossible for those involved to imagine that a once-admired doctor was capable of such brutal, horrifying acts.

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SNAP takes list of concerns to Archdiocese

By Connie Leonard, December 9, 2016, WAVE News

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A week after a now suspended Louisville priest and former Trinity High School teacher is found guilty of inappropriately touching a child, SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, is asking the Archdiocese of Louisville not to push for a light sentence for Father Joseph Hemmerle.

SNAP took its written concerns to the Office of the Archdiocese on Thursday. While SNAP representatives feel the archdiocese has improved education about abuse when it comes to adults around children in churches and schools, they still believe when it comes to priests, there's an instinct to protect at all costs.

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Informed twice about sex abuse of disabled children, Pope Francis did nothing

By Betty Clermont, December 8, 2016, Open Tabernacle

At least 22 children were sexually abused by two priests at a school for youths with hearing disabilities in Argentina, an investigating prosecutor said Monday.

Police arrested 82-year old priest Nicola Corradi, 55-year-old priest Horacio Corbacho, and three other men last week. They are accused of sexual and physical child abuse at the Antonio Provolo Institute in northwestern Mendoza province ….

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Six aboriginals file complaint with human rights tribunal over John Furlong investigation

By  | Dec. 6, 2016, Business Vancouver

Trudeau government, Mounties accused of discrimination  

Six Northern British Columbia First Nations members are accusing the federal government and RCMP of racial and ethnic discrimination for bungling their allegations of abuse against Vancouver corporate director John Furlong.

Maurice Joseph, Emma Williams, Dorothy Williams, Richard Perry, Ann Tom and Cathy Woodgate filed a complaint Monday (December 5) with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

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Former Ashland pastor faces sex-abuse charges

By Mark Freeman, December 5, 2016, Mail Tribune

A former Ashland youth pastor is facing felony sex-abuse charges for alleged contact over at least five years with a young girl he knew through his church, and a church leader said the youth pastor has confessed his crimes.

Kenneth Leo Baker, 44, of Ashland, faces four felony and two misdemeanor sex charges for alleged incidents involving a single victim between 2006 and 2011. At least four of the incidents allegedly occurred when the girl was younger than 14 years old, court records show.



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