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Catholic church still breaking its own laws, 16 years after priest abuse scandal exposed

By Cindy Woodall

Attempts to solve many problems found in the Catholic church today can be traced back to a meeting among U.S. bishops in June 2002.

Why the media is unable to report on a case that has generated huge interest online

A very high-profile figure was convicted on Tuesday of a serious crime, but we are unable to report their identity due to a suppression order. The person, whose case has attracted significant media attention, was convicted on the second attempt, after the jury in an earlier trial was unable to reach a verdict. They will be remanded when they return to court in February for sentencing.

Hundreds of sexual abuse cases reported at children's camps across U.S.

CBS News has identified hundreds of reports of sexual abuse that occurred at children's camps across the United States. We found reports of more than 500 victims who were allegedly sexually abused at children's camps over the past 55 years. At least 21 of those cases surfaced this year alone.

These ‘men of God’ sexually abused children. Then they found refuge at other churches

Pastor Bruce Goddard acted immediately when he learned the principal at Faith Baptist Church’s school in Wildomar, California, had been intimately involved with a 17-year-old student.

'Prayer and penance:' More than 78 predator priests in Pa. still paid by Catholic church

By Candy Woodall

Decades after their crimes were reported and largely ignored, more than 78 priests accused of child sex abuse are still collecting paychecks and pensions from Pennsylvania dioceses.

Delbarton’s Catholic order takes attorney to court for revealing alleged sex assault victim got 7-figure settlement

A New Jersey lawyer is scheduled to stand trial this week in a lawsuit accusing him of telling others generally how much a Catholic order paid an alleged victim of sexual abuse.

A Church That Doesn't Take Any Chances With Youth Safety

On a typical Wednesday night at South Mountain Community Church in Draper, about 60 teenagers are gathered for youth group. There’s loud music playing over the speakers, lots of chatter and a very competitive foosball game in the corner of the room.

Immigrant Communities Were The 'Geographic Solution' To Predator Priests

By Aaron Schrank

Catholic Church leaders in Los Angeles for years shuffled predator priests into non-English-speaking immigrant communities. That pattern was revealed in personnel documents released in a decades-old legal settlement between victims of child sex abuse by Catholic priests and the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Priest sentenced to 12 years in prison for three counts of sexual battery

By Ellen Wagner and Logan Moore

Henry Christopher Foxhoven was sentenced Tuesday to 12 years in the State Penal System for three counts of sexual battery and will be registered as a sex offender for life.

Authorities Raid Houston Archdiocese As Part of Investigation About Conroe Priest


Investigators from the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office and other law enforcement agencies including the Texas Rangers and the Conroe Police Department conducted Wednesday a search warrant at the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, located in downtown Houston, in connection with the investigation of Father Manuel La Rosa-Lopez.

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