MO- Victims blast archbishop over predators

MO- Victims blast archbishop over predators

Victims blast archbishop over predators

Just arrested priest lived with another pedophile 

But no neighbors were warned about the molesters

And cleric is now just 6 minutes away from his old parish 

SNAP also accuses archbishop of “outing” victim's family 

SNAP: “To try and discredit them, Carlson violates their privacy” 

Victims say he belongs in a remote, secure treatment center “far from here”


Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims will blast St. Louis' Catholic archbishop for 

– letting a just arrested predator priest live with other priests near his old parish, while telling and warning no one of his whereabouts, and 

– violating the privacy of the family of the priest's alleged second victim, and impugning their motives.

They will also urge the archbishop to

– move the predator to a remote, secure treatment center far from St. Louis, and

– stop putting suspended child molesting clerics in residential neighborhoods. 

They will also prod anyone who saw, suspected or suffered clergy sex crimes or cover ups by Catholic employees to report to police officials, not church officials. 


Today, Monday, April 21 at 2:00 p.m.


Outside Dominican Friars center, 3407 Lafayette (east of Grand) in St. Louis (where Fr. Joseph Jiang has been living and is living now) 


Three-four members of a support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (


A local archdiocesan Catholic priest, Fr. Jiang, was arrested last week for the second time on child sex charges. According to law enforcement records and the Post-Dispatch, Fr. Jiang lives with other priests at a facility owned and run by a Catholic religious order called the Dominicans near the St. Louis University campus. It's a six minute drive to his old parish, the Cathedral on Lindell, where Fr. Jiang met and abused both of his victims. 

SNAP believes it's wrong and risky to let credibly accused child molesting clerics secretly live among unsuspecting neighbors with other priests. They should be put in remote, secure, independent treatment centers far away from their victims and their previous assignments, the group says. Had Carlson done this with Jiang, SNAP feels, it's possible that Jiang's second victim might have been molested less.

SNAP also believes that at least one other child molesting Catholic clerics lives or lived recently at the Dominican center with Fr. Jiang. He is Fr. Vincent Bryce who admitted molesting a boy but still works at the Aquinas Institute on the edge of the St. Louis University campus. 

Until now, no one in St. Louis knew that pedophile priests were staying at the Lafayette facility. 

On Friday, Carlson issued a statement claiming that the second victim's family 1) supposedly raised concerns about bullying in their parochial school and 2) supposedly didn't mention child sex abuse until this week.

Because parishes and parochial schools are usually “tightly-knit,” by publicly disclosing that the second victim's family has reported alleged bullying, Carlson is basically “outing” the victim's identity to those with whom he goes to church and school, SNAP says.

The group also says that neither of those claims – even if they are true - have any bearing whatsoever on whether these new criminal charges are valid. By mentioning the bullying reports, SNAP says, Carlson is callously casting doubt on motives of the victim's family. And Carlson making both of those claims public may well discourage others with information about predator priests from stepping forward, SNAP believes.

Carlson's motive in publicly making these claims about victims' families is to deter other victims from stepping forward, SNAP believes. The group says Carlson “continues to play mean-spirited legal hardball by impugning the honesty and motives of the second victim's family to protect his close friend Fr. Jiang.

Fr. Jiang is the fifth priest who worked at the new Cathedral and was sued for alleged child sex crimes. The others are Fr. James L. Gummersbach, Fr. James J. Pavlik, Fr. Chester E. Gaiter, and Fr. Bryan M. Kuchar. (Gaiter passed away in 2011. The rest are alive and believed to be in the St. Louis area.) And the only convicted US prelate (Bishop Robert Finn) also worked there. The current pastor of the Cathedral is Msgr. Joseph Pins (314 373 8200). More information about all five of the credibly accused child molesting clerics who have been at the Cathedral is at 

SNAP believes Carlson should answer questions at an open public meeting about the Jiang cases and all six Cathedral wrongdoers. The group also wants Carlson to emphatically beg anyone who may have seen, suspected or suffered their crimes or cover ups to call police. For the safety of kids, SNAP also wants Carlson to disclose where Fr. Jiang is now living. 

Photos of Fr. Bryce, Fr. Pavlik, Fr. Gaiter, and Fr. Kuchar and Jiang are at 


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    I believe, once convicted a pedophile priest should be sentenced to life in prison without the possibilty of parole. Sadly, I do not believe that a pedophile can be “psychologically treated and healed” of their perversion. And, I have noticed that Christ didn’t think so, either. He told us that such predators in the church would be better off being drown.
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