Tym Elias

This is a Mennonite church worker who has been publicly accused of sexual abuse. They are listed here as part of the Mennonite Abuse Prevention (MAP) list. Anyone with additional information or documentation on this person, please contact mennonite[at]snapnetwork.org or mail to MAP List, P.O. Box 442632, Lawrence, KS, 66044. All sources will be kept confidential.

Name: Tym Elias 

Date of birth: 1961

Description: Allegations of sexual misconduct against female prisoner while serving as chaplain at a correctional facility. 

Church-related positions held: Pastor with credentials under Mennonite Church Manitoba. Credentials removed in 2014.

Current employment/location (as of 2016): Lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Maintenance worker at home for pregnant teenagers.

Documentation: Canadian Mennonite Vol. 18 No.14 (July 7, 2014) p.23



"Local Pastor Removed Over Sex Allegations," Winnipeg Free Press, February 20, 2014.