Jan Gleysteen

This is a Mennonite church worker who has been publicly accused of sexual abuse. They are listed here as part of the Mennonite Abuse Prevention (MAP) list. Anyone with additional information or documentation on this person, please contact mennonite[at]snapnetwork.org or mail to MAP List, P.O. Box 442632, Lawrence, KS, 66044. All sources will be kept confidential.


Name: Jan Gleysteen

Date of birth: 1931

Description:  One allegation of rape and dozens of allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault from co-workers, fellow church members, and travelers with his European Mennonite heritage tours called TourMagination. Most recent complaint of harrassment reportedly made in 2005 at College Mennonite Church in Goshen, IN.

A November 7, 2016 letter addressed to MAP List Researcher Stephanie Krehbiel from attorney Matthew J. Anderson, retained by Gleysteen, states in reference to the documentation below that "the claims against him [Gleysteen] are completely without merit."

Church-related positions held:  Started a Mennonite heritage tour business called "TourMagination" in 1970 and led tours through the early 90's. Gleysteen specialized as a guide and interpreter at sites of Anabaptist-Mennonite beginnings in Europe. Worked at Mennonite Publishing House in Scottdale, PA for four decades, as artist, illustrator, and editor. 

Current employment/location (as of 2016): Retired. Living in Goshen, IN. Attends College Mennonite Church in Goshen.

Documentation (click on the following for links to documents):

"Gleysteen leaves publishing house amidst findings of misconduct." Mennonite Reporter, February 21, 1994. 

Letter from Leonard Gross to Walter S. Friesen. Aug. 11, 1992. 

Letter from Nelson Waybill to John Sharp and James E. Horsch, December 8, 1993.

Statement from Mennonite Publishing House employee, December 8, 1993. (used with permission from the author)

Letter from David Garber (former editor at Mennonite Publishing House) to Publishers Management Team of Mennonite Publishing House, December 8, 1993. (used with permission from the author)

Statement from Irene Lapp to Mennonite Publishing House and Mennonite Church of Scottdale, December 10, 1993. (used with permission from the author)

Email exchange between Jack Scott and Robert Ramer, February 9, 1994.

Checklist of sexual actions, accompanied by correspondence between John Sharp, Kim Brenneman, and anonymous pastor. February 8, 1994 through April 14, 1994.

Letter from Nelson Waybill to Jan Gleysteen, April 25, 1994.

Letter from Irene Lapp, October 21, 1994. (used with permission from the author)

Letter from Mennonite Publishing House employee, October 25, 1994. (used with permission from the author)