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Australian Cardinal charged with sexual assault, SNAP Australia responds

For immediate release, June 29, 2017

Statement by Steven Spaner, volunteer SNAP Australia coordinator, (+1 636-433-2511),

This is probably the most significant action to be taken on behalf of survivors of clergy sexual abuse EVER.  The history of the Catholic Church has been to squelch accusations, hide and shield perpetrators, stonewall inquisitors, and re-abuse victims with ostracization, isolation and counter accusations. 

The Victoria and Melbourne law enforcement and investigative officers have shown the care, compassion, and allegiance to truth and duty that NONE of the ranking members and leaders of the Catholic Church has ever done.  

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Australia--Cardinal charged with sexual abuse

Australian Cardinal charged with sexual assault, SNAP responds

For immediate release, June 29, 2017

Statement by Joelle Casteix of Newport Beach, volunteer Western Regional Leader for SNAP, the Survivors Network (

Police in the Australian state of Victoria have today charged a Roman Catholic Cardinal with sexual assault.

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