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IL--Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Released from Prison, Victims Respond

Statement by Joelle Casteix, SNAP Western Regional Leader, (949)

We were shocked to learn that Dennis Hastert has been transferred from prison and quietly returned to Chicago.

Unfortunately, Hastert will never stand trial for the crime of sexual abuse. Illinois’ outdated and predator-friendly criminal statutes of limitations for child sex crimes ensure men and women who sexually abuse children get a "free pass" as long as they can use fear and shame to keep their victims silent. 

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WV--WV Supreme Court says Mormon multi-state sex abuse lawsuit can move forward

WV Supreme Court says Mormon multi-state sex abuse lawsuit can move forward

Lawsuit alleges bishops covered up teen’s 2005 Utah conviction for sex offenses and recommended teen as babysitter for young families

Sexually violent offender, Michael Jensen, is serving 35 to 75-year sentence for child sexual abuse

Evidence points to widespread cover-up

In a stunning victory for nine victims of child sexual abuse in the Mormon Church, the West Virginia Supreme Court on Friday formally overturned a lower court, ruling there was evidence that high-ranking Mormon officials covered up for a sexually violent predator for years, allowing him to molest children in Utah and West Virginia.


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