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Guam--Vatican put priest accused of sexual harassment on Apuron Tribunal, Victims group responds

Statement by Joelle Casteix, SNAP Western Regional Leader, (949)

We are outraged to learn a Sioux Falls television station investigation discovered that one of the five priests involved in the Canonical Trial of Guam Archbishop Anthony Apuron had been accused of sexual harassment in 2014 by a parish employee.

Fr. Justin Wachs, the Notary in Archbishop Anthony Apuron's Canonical Trial, was presented to these brave survivors and the public as a trustworthy person who, survivors assumed, had never been accused of sexual misconduct. The brave men told Wachs their deeply personal stories of sexual abuse and betrayal. They trusted the Vatican and its representatives so much, that they agreed to speak without their attorneys in the room.

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WA—Survivors group deliver letter to Seattle City Council

Mayor accused of child sexual abuse by four men

Recently uncovered documents reveal Oregon's Child Protective Services found Mayor Ed Murray sexually abused his foster son

Four Mayoral candidates, one Council Member and the Seattle LGBTQ Commission have since called for the Mayor to resign 

Victims believe it is important that the City Council hear their voices on this issue as well 



Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, child sex abuse victims and their supporters will:

-explain their position on the proposed resignation of Seattle’s Mayor, and

- hand out copies of the letter they will be delivering to the City Council

They will then proceed up to the council chamber on the 2nd floor of City Hall to:

- hand deliver a copy of the letter to the full Council, and

- if permitted, briefly address the group on this issue.

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