Philly Cardinal is questioned; SNAP responds

While we're grateful that Bevilacqua is being questioned, it's long overdue. And it's time that Catholic officials are treated, by our justice system, just like anyone else - no special privileges or deference.

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Sex abuse victims call for action to be taken against Boeheim

We're glad that Bernie Fine has been fired but it's crucial that Syracuse University officials discipline Jim Boeheim for his extraordinarily hurtful recent comments attacking abuse victims.

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NY Catholic officials keep silent about child porn for 9 months

Despite a decade of promises to be “open” about child sex crimes, New York Catholic officials have kept silent for nine months about child porn on an assistant principal’s school computer.

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Group warns about just arrested priest

Group fears others have been hurt by Fr. Richard James Kurtz

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Victims file formal complaint versus shrink

  • Victims file formal complaint vs. shrink
  • He should have refused to evaluate child porn priest
  • Therapist advises group that helps convicted predators
  • SNAP to KC bishop “Explain your controversial choice
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A Penn State professor is accused of abuse, top staffers allegedly ignored it

A second allegation of horrific child sex abuse at Penn State has been made, along with accusations that the university’s top staff ignored and concealed the crimes.

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2 groups urge boycott of Catholic foundation

  • Two groups say “donate elsewhere
  • They’re upset over honor of bishop
  • “Give more generously than ever,” advocates urge
  • “But contribute to non-profits that help victims, not hurt victims,” organizations say


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Victims blast archdiocese over missing predators’ names

Could Cardinal O’Malley be more self-serving? He’s a religious order cleric. So he keeps secret the names of dozens of religious order clerics who are proven, admitted and credibly accused child molesters.

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Penn State probe must truly be independent; SNAP says

A panel of Penn State trustees that is supposedly looking into the university's abuse and cover up scandal will speak today.

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Bishop to challenge US child porn laws; SNAP responds

Just when you think Kansas City Catholic officials can’t get any worse, now Bishop Robert Finn has indicated that he may try to overturn federal laws banning the production of child pornography. 

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Disgraced Cardinal Law "retires" but still has massive power

While Cardinal Bernard Law has been replaced as head of one of Rome’s most prestigious churches, the AP reports that he “remains a member of a half-dozen important Vatican congregations, including the office that helps the pope select bishops.”

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Shocking disclosures in Joliet pedophile priest case; SNAP responds

Joliet Catholic church officials claim they’ve “lost” possible evidence of child porn by a priest. And they refused to give police records about that priest’s formal “evaluation.” Shame on them.

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